Refinance your mortgage

Select the best mortgage product with the best rate from a variety of lenders.

We show you how to create more wealth from your home.


Get the lowest rate, lowest monthly payment, and a strategy that helps you meet financial goals.

Any mortgage broker can help you save money on your mortgage. At The Mortgage HUB, we take things further.

Our team shows you how to build more wealth, faster.

A successful refinance has two components: cost savings and investment strategy. When we help you with a refinance, we also show you ways to reinvest savings, become debt-free, and get closer to your retirement dreams.

The way we see it, your refinance can and should be designed to accelerate wealth building.

Going to a bank for your refinance?
Not if you want to maximize your wealth.

See rates from
multiple lenders

Create more wealth
from your home

Lower your monthly

Build a long-term
investment strategy

Learn how to
reinvest savings

Pay off debts and
retire sooner


Here’s what happens
when you work with us

1. Our team listens while you tell us about your refinance goals.

2. We collect information that helps us identify the best mortgage programs for your situation.

3. During an in-person or virtual meeting, we compare products and rates from different lenders.

4. Using a refinance visualizer, we show you how to build an investment strategy from your mortgage savings.

5. Improve cash flow, pay off your mortgage sooner, put the savings to work, and retire earlier with our investment-focused refinance guidance.


We don’t lend money. We help you find the best lender.

If you went to a bank for your first mortgage, you might be tempted to go back for your refinance. But when you go to a bank, you forfeit the opportunity to find the best rates.

As Florida mortgage brokers, our team matches you with the best possible lender, mortgage product, interest rate, and monthly payment for your situation. Our team informs you about multiple refinance options, so you can achieve your long-term goals as quickly as possible.


These homeowners are glad they chose The Mortgage HUB for their refinance

Thank you all! It is not always easy to have a group come together on a transaction and have it work as smoothly as this one did, all the more impressive given the current circumstances.


The team was great during my purchase in 2018 and continued to be great during my refinance!


We’re Florida mortgage refinance experts.

As a South Florida mortgage brokerage, we’re Tri-County real estate experts who have helped hundreds of homeowners across the state find the best refinance rates.

The Florida real estate market is unique. Our team knows how to navigate the complexities to help you build more wealth.

At The Mortgage HUB, we always take the time to educate you about the best refinance options for your Florida mortgage. That way, you can select a rate, lender, and monthly payment that help you achieve your financial objectives.

Be informed and empowered about your home purchase

Choose from the best
possible refinance options

See rates from multiple
lenders, not just one

Direct your savings into
productive investments

Get valuable responses
to every question

Use your refinance
to maximize wealth

Meet your financial goals
and retire comfortably

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