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Most banks make mortgages seem complicated.

The reality? A mortgage is something you definitely can understand.

And the more you know about mortgages, the more likely you are to buy the right home in the right place with the right loan.

At The Mortgage HUB, our job is to educate you about mortgages. We want the biggest purchase of your life to be the best purchase you ever make.

When you visit a bank for a mortgage, they’ll happily sell you one. When you contact us, you get something totally different.

Mortgage experts who listen while you explain your home ownership goals

Answers to all of your home buying questions

Personalized guidance based on your specific objectives

A wide variety of rates from different lenders

Clear understanding of monthly payments and cash needed to close

Mortgage visualizer that provides a clear breakdown of all costs

One-on-one mortgage education, so you know how to make the best decision

Confidence that you’re making the best choice for your family


Here’s what happens
when you work with us

1. Our team listens while you tell us about your homeownership goals.

2. We request information that helps determine your loan approval amount.

3. During an in-person or virtual meeting, we provide a realistic picture of all costs involved in your upcoming home purchase.

4. Empowered by the information we’ve provided, you work with a real estate agent to identify a desirable property.

5. Together, we review different rates and lenders to help you select the best mortgage product and make the most of your negotiations.


We don’t lend money. We’re mortgage brokers.

At The Mortgage HUB, we’re matchmakers. We match you with the best possible mortgage for you and your family.

That’s not what a bank does. A bank sells mortgages. Our team educates you about mortgages so you can select the right one from the right bank or lender.


Our team works with banks, but we’re not a bank.

In the end, you probably will get a mortgage from a bank or traditional lender. But when you work with us, we help you decide which bank and – this is even more important – which mortgage makes the most sense for you.

Working directly with a bank gets you a mortgage. Working with us ensures you get the best mortgage.

These families are glad they chose us instead of buying directly from a bank.

Thank you all! It is not always easy to have a group come together on a transaction and have it work as smoothly as this one did, all the more impressive given the current circumstances.


The team was great during my purchase in 2018 and continued to be great during my refinance!


Did we mention we know Florida real estate?

Based in South Florida, we’re veteran Tri-County real estate experts who have brokered real estate transactions all over the Sunshine State.

Florida, as you already know, is a unique place. And Florida real estate is very unique.

At The Mortgage HUB, we don’t just educate you about mortgages in general – we also teach you everything you need to know about buying a home in Florida. That way, you’re as confident and assured as possible on the day of your real estate closing.

Be informed and empowered about your home purchase

Learn everything you need to know about mortgages

Select the best option from a variety of lenders

Get an advocate who helps you find the best mortgage

Ask all your questions and get valuable answers

Enjoy patient, personalized mortgage guidance

Buy the right home for you and your family

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