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Find the the best loan structure for your investment properties.

We make it easy to make more money from real estate.


From fix-and-flip projects to rent-and-hold properties, we guide you to the best mortgage products.

Why does finding the right financing seem to take forever? And why do you always have lingering doubts afterward?

Because you were never presented with every available mortgage product. We can change that.

At The Mortgage HUB, we want you to maximize your real estate investment returns. Let our experts guide you to the best mortgage options for your properties.

Do you shoot from the hip when choosing financing for investment properties?

Are you unsure whether you’re getting the best interest rate?

Do you struggle to find lenders who accept a low down payment?

Do you need personalized guidance for your investment goals?

Are you looking for a wide variety of rates and lenders to choose from?


Here’s what happens
when you work with us

1. Tell us about your real estate investing goals and any existing properties.

2. We collect information that helps us quantify your options.

3. During an in-person or virtual meeting, we plug your numbers into a graphical tool that helps you visualize your investment potential.

4. Using our tools, you learn ways to optimize your investments and get the greatest return out of every property.

5. Empowered by the information we provided, you can make an informed decision when you select a mortgage product for your next investment.


These investors are glad we showed them the best mortgage products.

Thank you all! It is not always easy to have a group come together on a transaction and have it work as smoothly as this one did, all the more impressive given the current circumstances.


The team was great during my purchase in 2018 and continued to be great during my refinance!


Did we mention we know Florida real estate?

As Tri-County real estate veterans, we’ve brokered transactions all over South Florida. Our team both knows and owns investment properties all over the state.

Florida real estate investing can get complicated – fast. We’re here to help you filter out the noise.

At The Mortgage HUB, we don’t just present you with the best mortgage rates – although we do offer precisely that. Our team listens closely to your investment goals to help you find the right properties in the right places with the right financing terms.

Feel confident about your next investment property

Choose from the nation’s best lenders and rates

Find the lowest possible down payment

Enlist experts to guide your investment decisions

Identify the best available financing terms

Get insider perspectives on Florida real estate

Make more money from investment properties

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