You can and should feel confident you’re getting the right mortgage for your home.

We’re Florida mortgage brokers who match you with the right loan for your family and your budget.


Banks make it hard to choose the right mortgage.

You’d think it wouldn’t be like that. After all, banks sell mortgages. Why would they make it hard to shop for them?

Two reasons: Time and motivation.

Banks and other large lenders rarely have time to sit down with you, explain the homebuying process, and educate you about selecting the right mortgage product. They’re also motivated to sell one of their mortgages – not help you choose the best financing for your situation.

Basically, banks make it easy to get one of their mortgages. They make it hard to be sure you’re choosing the right mortgage.

At the Mortgage HUB, we empower you to make the best home purchase decisions.

Our job is to guide you to the right mortgage products, show you how to make a smart choice, and ensure you get the right home with the right financing terms.

We like banks. We work with banks all the time. But we’re not a bank.

We’re Florida mortgage brokers. When you work with us, our team:

  • Listens closely to your story, your questions, and your concerns
  • Spends time educating you about the homebuying process
  • Presents you with a variety of mortgage products from different banks and lenders
  • Guides you to the right financing for your budget, your family, and your ideal future home
Michael Ortiz

My name is Michael Ortiz. I believe you deserve all the information before getting a home loan.

For 16 years, I’ve helped families in the Tri-County area and throughout Florida feel empowered and confident in their mortgage decisions.

When you work with me and the Mortgage HUB team, you always get:

  • Candid guidance about home buying
  • An educational process that ensures you know everything you need to know about choosing a mortgage
  • The feeling that you’re making the right decision, whether that means getting a mortgage today or sometime in the future
  • Access to a variety of mortgage products from different lenders, including smaller lenders that often have better rates and terms
  • Preparation for the largest purchase you’ll ever make

Selling you a mortgage is not my primary motivation. My goal is to help you make a well-informed mortgage decision.

In the end, you get the best possible home with the best possible lending terms. And
your family, your finances, and your community share in the benefits.

Make the right mortgage decision and know it’s the right one.

Learn everything about homebuying

Know you’re making the right decision

Get guidance from Florida home loan experts

Don’t limit yourself to the most expensive mortgages

Access products and rates from a variety of lenders

Be 100% prepared for your home purchase